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  Shanghai KEJI Electric Co., manufacturer sp-
ecializing in MV and HV insulation piece production with the registered capital of RMB five millions.
  Shanghai KEJI utilizes the latest techniques. The
automatic pressure gelation (APG) is applied to manuf-
acturing high-grade insulation components from epoxy
resin to be used in MV and HV applications....
·Metals Machining
To guarantee the machining stability of in-
built components of insulation products,
we jointly invest the Shanghai Wenxiu industry Co.,Ltd.
with the primary purpose to provide the....
12KVSF6inflatable..   12KVSF6inflatable..   12KVSF6inflatable..   12KVSF6inflatable...  
12KVSF6inflatable..   12KVSF6inflatable..   solid closure poles   35KVsswitchgear....  
The new-typed switc..   The new-typed switc..   Other insulation pro..   Other insulation pro..  
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